Fornarina (Las Vegas), Interior design by Giorgio Borruso

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Project: Fornarina store
Location: Las Vegas
Designed by Giorgio Borruso
Borruso came to attention to the world of design, with his work on Miss Sixty stores back in 2001, where he did his famous cacoon dressing rooms, after now almost a decade long career Giorgios work appeared in more than 1000 publications, got over 80 awards, now his name is on quite a number of designer shop interiors. Hes recently involved with Fornarina shop interiors round the globe, the photos above are from the Las Vegas Fornarina shop, recently he did a Fornarina shop in London and also a Snaidero show room in Coral Gables, USA. Unfortunately his website doesnt have anything more than a contact email and phone numbers, but you can red a bit more bout Borrusos design at his Apple profile over HERE.


  1. Loved this blog!
    Gonna add it to my blogroll!

  2. Loved this blog!
    Gonna add it to my blogroll!