Microsoft Sustainability – a Glimpse Into the Future

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Client: Microsoft
Realized by Oh, Hello
Live action
Director: Mason Nicoll
EP / Producer: Ellen Stafford
Post production: Oh, Hello
Roto / Tracking: Charlie Bartlett, Dan Brown, Thai Tran, David Holm
UI Animation: Dan Brown, Thai Tran, David Holm
Compositing: Dan Brown Thai Tran, David Holm
Roto: Motor and AE
Tracking: Mocha and AE
Animation and compositing: AE

Welcome! To the woooorld of tomorrow! (according to microsoft.) In the not-too-distant utopian future, technology will be aided by the concerted efforts of many people rotoing, stabilizing, tracking, painting, animating, and comping at breakneck pace to make everything LOOK like it’s working flawlessly in real-time. but we all know what’s REALLY up… View the video bellow:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Apple is the BEST!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing ! But who is the graphic designer of this beautiful GUI interface ?