Ryan Taylor by Matthew Lyn: The Comeback

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Editorial: The Ice King
Model: Ryan Taylor |DNA models|
Photography by Matthew Lyn

After last years official retirement of Ryan Taylor from the modeling world, which resulted in a removal from all of the top modeling agencies listing him, now, one of the most wanted young models, is back from a 2 season hideouts with a new listing at DNA models. Above is a frosty comeback shoot with Ryan by fashion photographer Matthew Lyn, you can check out more of Ryan’s photos at Lyn’s web portfolio, and a new set of polaroids at DNA website.


  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, how did they get the effects of the ice (unless they used real ice)

  2. designscene says:

    id say its actually sugar

  3. salt rocks. and im sooo excited cant wait to see more of him, is this going to be publish in a any mag?

  4. omgosh !! ryan looks totally diferent and kinda older… but pretty much hot!!!
    love those glasses!!!