BCBGeneration Fall Winter 2011.12 by David Roemer

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Mina Cvetkovic

Ad Campaign: BCBGeneration
Season: Fall Winter 2011.12
Models: Mina Cvetkovic |Supreme, Premier, Next Company, Women|, Sharon Kavjian, Katya Kulyzhka, Aurelia
Hair: Rolando Beauchamp |Community NYC|
Makeup: Christian McCulloch |Tim Howard|
Stylist: Elizabeth Sulcer |The Wall Group|
Photographer: David Roemer |Atelier Management|
Website: www.ateliermanagement.com
Fashion photographer David Roemer shoots the radiant Fall Winter BCBGeneration advertisement featuring Mina Cvetkovic joined by Sharon, Katya and Aurelia.

Mina Cvetkovic Mina Cvetkovic Mina Cvetkovic Mina Cvetkovic Mina Cvetkovic Mina Cvetkovic


  1. Janet says:

    beautiful photos and beautiful collection

  2. Diane says:

    lovely mina cvetkovic! good to see her back

  3. nick says:

    mina is the only one standing out nice little shoot.

  4. Andrea says:

    following david roemers work for a while, lot to learn from his photos for an aspiring photographer like me.

  5. toodrunktostand says:

    Fantastic Read Bookmarked!

  6. arnell says:

    there is so many BCBG lines it makes me all confused.