Julian Zigerli All Time Favorite Presentation

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Julian Zigerli

Julian Zigerli presented his new All Time Favorite line’s collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Zigerli’s new collection is none seasonal and its for both men and women. Singer Balbina was in charge of music that accompanied presentation.

Julian Zigerli JulianZigerliBerlin-03 JulianZigerliBerlin-04 JulianZigerliBerlin-05 JulianZigerliBerlin-06 JulianZigerliBerlin-07 JulianZigerliBerlin-08 JulianZigerliBerlin-09 JulianZigerliBerlin-10 JulianZigerliBerlin-11 JulianZigerliBerlin-12 JulianZigerliBerlin-13 JulianZigerliBerlin-14 JulianZigerliBerlin-15 JulianZigerliBerlin-16 JulianZigerliBerlin-17 JulianZigerliBerlin-18

Web: www.julianzigerli.com

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