Acephala Don’t Kiss Me Autumn Winter 2015.16 Lookbook

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Acephala‘s new Don’t Kiss Me Autumn Winter 2015-2016 lookbook features Paulina Nalepa at Eastern Models captured by photographer Kamil Zacharski. Hair and makeup are courtesy of Polka Dzwigala.

Acephala’s Autumn/Winter 2015-16 collection “Don’t kiss me” is a homage to French avantgarde photographer and writer Claude Cahun (1894-1954). Cahun (a.k.a. Lucy Schwob) throughout her life and work had surpassed gender binaries and played with the fluidity of identity taking up a male name and living with her partner – Marcel – likewise a female. In the series of self-portraits she was building various forms of “I” taking up a male, child, artists, etc. figure.With the current collection we wanted to translate this elusiveness into the language of fashion. To do so, we have coined a negative definition of woman as: “not-man” and “nolonger-child”, and by getting together what she is not, and turning it into what she might be, sought to blur the traditional binaries of male/female, mature/childish.” -from Acephala

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AcephalaDontKissMe 02 AcephalaDontKissMe 03 AcephalaDontKissMe 04 AcephalaDontKissMe 05 AcephalaDontKissMe 06 AcephalaDontKissMe 07 AcephalaDontKissMe 08 AcephalaDontKissMe 09 AcephalaDontKissMe 10 AcephalaDontKissMe 11 AcephalaDontKissMe 12

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