#NYFW Baja East Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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Baja East

Designers Scott Studenberg and John Targon showcased Baja East‘s psychedelic journey with their new Spring Summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week.

BajaEastSS16-02 BajaEastSS16-03 BajaEastSS16-04 BajaEastSS16-05 BajaEastSS16-06 BajaEastSS16-07 BajaEastSS16-08 BajaEastSS16-09 BajaEastSS16-10 BajaEastSS16-11 BajaEastSS16-12 BajaEastSS16-13 BajaEastSS16-14 BajaEastSS16-15 BajaEastSS16-16 BajaEastSS16-17 BajaEastSS16-18 BajaEastSS16-19 BajaEastSS16-20 BajaEastSS16-21 BajaEastSS16-22 BajaEastSS16-23 BajaEastSS16-24 BajaEastSS16-25 BajaEastSS16-26 BajaEastSS16-27 BajaEastSS16-28 BajaEastSS16-29 BajaEastSS16-30 BajaEastSS16-31 BajaEastSS16-32 BajaEastSS16-33 BajaEastSS16-34

Website: baja-east.com

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