Cristiano Burani Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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Italian designer Cristiano Burani is the latest to present his pre-fall 2016 collection, he is mixing his take on contemporary womenswear with a touch of sportswear as well as classic elegance. Burani’s latest looks masterfully transcend from daywear to eveningwear, moreover the collection is beautifully prepared for the first autumn days.


Discover more of Burani’s engaging new collection after the jump:

CristianoBuraniPF16-02 CristianoBuraniPF16-03 CristianoBuraniPF16-04 CristianoBuraniPF16-05 CristianoBuraniPF16-06 CristianoBuraniPF16-07 CristianoBuraniPF16-08 CristianoBuraniPF16-09 CristianoBuraniPF16-10 CristianoBuraniPF16-11 CristianoBuraniPF16-12 CristianoBuraniPF16-13 CristianoBuraniPF16-14 CristianoBuraniPF16-15 CristianoBuraniPF16-16 CristianoBuraniPF16-17 CristianoBuraniPF16-18 CristianoBuraniPF16-19 CristianoBuraniPF16-20 CristianoBuraniPF16-21 CristianoBuraniPF16-22 CristianoBuraniPF16-23 CristianoBuraniPF16-24 CristianoBuraniPF16-25

All Images Courtesy of Cristiano Burani