#MFW Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

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Fashion designer Stefano Pilati presented new Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Fall Winter 2016.17 menswear collection, sophisticated looks ruled by fearless style, on the 16th of January 2016 at Milano fashion week.

Truly authentic Couture collection, where  the clothes themselves deliver the essence of an intuitive elegance unregulated in its formality, able to emphasize the Zegna identity and, at the same  time, to meet the intrinsic Vanitas of secret male fantasies.

ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-02 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-03 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-04 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-05 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-06 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-07 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-08 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-09 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-10 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-11 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-12 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-13 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-14 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-15 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-16 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-17 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-18 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-19 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-20 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-21 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-22 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-23 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-24 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-25 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-26 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-27 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-28 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-29 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-30 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-31 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-32 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-33 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-34 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-35 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-36 ErmenegildoZegnaFW16-37

Stefano Pilati, concept and creative direction
Michel Gaubert, music
Without Production, event production
Website: www.zegna.com

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