#MBFW Perret Schaad Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

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Fashion designers Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad showcased their latest Perret Schaad Fall Winter 2016.17 womenswear collection in a Hellweg hardware store during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

This season’s offerings capture the changing moods of an urban autumn, fluctuating between warmth and style. Reflecting the contrasting cityscape, the collection’s palette mixes heavy greys, rich tones and cool pastels. Fluid transitions define a subtle yet elegant look, highlighted by metallic accents and strong oranges, echoing the modern facades of the city

PerretSchaadFW16-02 PerretSchaadFW16-03 PerretSchaadFW16-04 PerretSchaadFW16-05 PerretSchaadFW16-06 PerretSchaadFW16-07 PerretSchaadFW16-08 PerretSchaadFW16-09 PerretSchaadFW16-10 PerretSchaadFW16-11 PerretSchaadFW16-12 PerretSchaadFW16-13 PerretSchaadFW16-14 PerretSchaadFW16-15 PerretSchaadFW16-16 PerretSchaadFW16-17 PerretSchaadFW16-18 PerretSchaadFW16-19 PerretSchaadFW16-20 PerretSchaadFW16-21 PerretSchaadFW16-22 PerretSchaadFW16-23 PerretSchaadFW16-24 PerretSchaadFW16-25 PerretSchaadFW16-26 PerretSchaadFW16-27 PerretSchaadFW16-28 PerretSchaadFW16-29

Website: www.perretschaad.com

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