#NYFW Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016 collection

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Marc Jacobs unveiled his fall-winter 2016 collection presented during the final day of New York Fashion WeekFor his show, Marc cast a special guests — Lady Gaga and top model Kendall Jenner. The collection is inspired by Victorian era with rocker chic touches including furs, stripes and sequins, oversized sweaters, embroidered gowns and moto jackets in luxe fabrication. Shiny, very high platform boots and line makeup added a comic-book feel to the show.


We’ve always played with proportion, we’ve always loved the embellishment. How do we make this feel like a continuation of last season, but completely different? How do we go back to what we’ve done, but make it feel different? We revisited the last collections and stretched them east, west, north,south; recolored them in monochromatic shades of grey. – From Marc Jacobs

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All images courtesy of Marc Jacobs