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Kicking off the Milan Fashion Week PORTS 1961 with Milan Vukmirovic on the helm of its design who presented the new Spring Summer 2017 menswear collection.

Uniforms have always occupied a privileged place in the fashion pantheon. With Milan Vukmirovic’s fourth collection for Ports 1961, the French artistic director does not restrict himself to lines of perfectly conceived army uniforms on which much contemporary fashion is based. He also appropriates their stripes, insignia, frogs and ceremonial braiding, sensitively transferring these details to jerkins, shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. This military influence, playfully redefined, is boosted by references to classic sportswear. As part of the collection, a partnership has been signed with Everlast, creating a capsule collection that is distributed exclusively by Ports 1961. The iconic logo of the American brand is reworked in large dimensions on a selection of sports pieces with a new, more pronounced fashion accent. – from Ports 1961

See all the looks from PORTS 1961 collection after the jump:

P1961-(2) P1961-(3) P1961-(4) P1961-(5) P1961-(6) P1961-(7) P1961-(8) P1961-(9) P1961-(10) P1961-(11) P1961-(12) P1961-(13) P1961-(14) P1961-(15) P1961-(16) P1961-(17) P1961-(18) P1961-(19) P1961-(20) P1961-(21) P1961-(22) P1961-(23) P1961-(24) P1961-(25) P1961-(26) P1961-(27) P1961-(28) P1961-(29) P1961-(30) P1961-(31) P1961-(32) P1961-(33) P1961-(34) P1961-(35) P1961-(36) P1961-(37) P1961-(38) P1961-(39) P1961-(40) P1961-(41) P1961-(42) P1961-(43) P1961-(44)

All Images Courtesy of PORTS 1961