Bleach Project Fall Winter 2016/17 Campaign

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BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-0034 copy
Take a look at Bleach Project’s Fall Winter 2016 Campaign images for the collection named Ashes to ashes, inspired by the modern day Louis the XVI brooding in his downtown L.A. chateau.

See the whole collection on: Bleach Project Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

More images after the jump:
BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-0074EDIT

BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-0116EDIT

BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-0145EDITT

BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-0194EDIT

BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-0219EDIT

BLEACH CAMPAIGN-by-Sharon-Angelia-9933EDIT


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