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Teuku Ajie CLARA Love 2013 02

CLARA Love by Teuku Ajie

Teuku Ajie captures the dreamy CLARA Love story featuring the stunning Lucie at Posh Management styled by Lilian Ng. Hair and Make-up by Shaira Banu.


Eva Celia by Teuku Ajie for DEW Pre-Fall 2013

Dew Magazine releases its 9th issue featuring cover shot by Teuku Ajie with model Eva Celia styled for the Think Local! issue by Lilian Ng. Hair styling and makeup courtesy of Tania Ledezma.


La Dame by Teuku Ajie for DEW

Magazine: DEW Issue: #7 Winter 2012 |Political| Editorial: La Dame |Homage to Fall Winter 2012 Collection| Model: Salvita de Corte |VTM| Hair & Makeup: Tania Ledezma Stylist: Dinta Jakile Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: Fashion photographer Teuku Ajie captures an … Read More

Katya Karpova by Teuku Ajie for DEW Magazine

Magazine: DEW Issue: #4 Music Issue Pre-Spring 2012 Editorial: Nikicio Model: Katya Karpova Designer: Nikicio Stylist: Hakim Satriyo Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: Dew Magazine and Teuku Ajie are sharing with us a beautifully shot Nikicio special from their latest … Read More

Before Sunset by Teuku Ajie for DEW Magazine

Magazine: DEW Issue: Pre-January 2011 Editorial: Before Sunset Models: Kristell Chenut, Roman Blinov Styling: Arsy Medina Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: Photographer Teuku Ajie shares Dew magazine's subtly captured Before Sunset featuring Kristell Chenut and Roman Blinov.

The Pilgrims by Teuku Ajie for DEW

Magazine: DEW Issue: #3 |The Eastern Issue| Editorial: The Pilgrims Models: Michaela Novakova |VTM|, Maria del Carmen |Posh| Hair & Makeup: Tania Ledezma Styling Assistance: Rical Ardani Tedjoutomo Stylist: Arsy Medina Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: After the recently featured … Read More

Michaela Novakova by Teuku Ajie for DEW #3

Magazine: DEW Issue: #3 |The Eastern Issue| Cover Model: Michaela Novakova |VTM| Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: DEW magazine shares the beautifully shot cover of their 3rd edition, posing is model Michaela Novakova lensed by Teuku Ajie. Stay tuned for more … Read More

Exclusive Preview: DEW Magazine Earth Issue

Magazine : DEW  Issue : #02 Earth Editor-in-Chief : Teuku Ajie  Creative Director : Luki Ali  Fashion Editor : Amanda Prihutomo  Cover photographer: Sandrine Castellan  Model : Jessica Langlois |Scoop| Website : Exclusive preview of DEW magazine's 2nd issue, this time … Read More

Marta Vorobiova by Teuku Ajie

Editorial: Hello! Model: Marta Vorobiova |Victory Talent Management| Stylist: Arsy Medina Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: Meet the beautiful Marta Vorobiova in a shoot by talented Teuku Ajie, Hello Marta!

Exclusive Preview: Dew Magazine’s Morning Issue

Magazine: DEW  Issue : #01 Editor in Chief : Teuku Ajie Creative Director : Luki Ali Fashion Editor : Amanda Prihutomo Website : After their excellent zero hour issue, dawn is finally here and Dew magazine is ready for … Read More

Teuku Ajie for DEW Magazine

Magazine: DEW Issue: #00 Editorial: Midnight Souls Still Remain Stylist: Aldi Indrajaya Hair and Make Up Philips Kwok Models: Renata Calheiros |VTM| and Dara Warganegara |B-MGT| Photographer: Teuku Ajie Website: We featured Teuku's work for the first time back … Read More

Exclusive: DEW Magazine Midnight Issue Preview

Magazine: DEW Issue: #00 Editor in Chief: Teuku Ajie Creative Director: Luki Ali Fashion Editor: Aldi Indrajaya Website: We are honored to present an exclusive preview of DEW magazines zero hour issue, before launching their first one creators of … Read More