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Flower Gardens

TV show: America's next top model
Photographer: Lionel Deluy
Photo shoot creative director: Jay Manuel
It was the 4th episode of America's Next Top Model cycle 9, the girls finally had their makeovers, and yes again it was a makeover with a lot of drama… The girls were a part of a flower garden for their photo shoot , this time Victoria was sent home, it all seemed like a pretty much scripted thing, they made her into a cactus, and put her against Twiggy again, coincidence? We wanted Chantel to go home.

And here is the shoot: 1st Victoria as Cactus, Ambreal: Rose, Bianca: Sunflower, Chantal: Baby's Breath, Ebony: Bird of Paradise, Heather: Weeds, Jenah: Moss, Janet: Hydrangea, Lisa: Bamboo, Saleisha: Tulip, Sarah: Ivy . And Ms Tyra Banks probably spent half of this weeks photo budget on her own baldy nature photo. We dont really have a fave photo this week.

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