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NOOKA ad campaign by The Supervisory

Ad campaign: NOOKA
Photography & Art Direction: The Supervisory @ artistsandcreatives
Stylist: Michelle Carimpong @ artistsandcreatives
Makeup: Susan Donoghue
Models: Laurie Bing @ Bryan Bantry, Rick Tyndall @ Click
The Supervisory is photography and art director duo recently signed by Artist and Creatives, this still young and fresh artists were in charge of the NOOKA ad campaign (images posted above). NOOKA is emerging watch and fashion label, click HERE, HERE and HERE for few more photos from the campaign. For a more complete look at their work and the whole portfolio check out The Supervisory website, thanks to Artist and Creatives people for allowing me to showcase the campaign.

Photography by Ronald N. Tan

The Tori Amos comic book – Tatoo