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Ipsum Planet: In My Room

Editorial: In My Room
Studio: Ipsum Planet
Ipsum Planet is a Spanish studio of creators, graphic designers, art directors and writers. It was founded in 1994 by Ramón Fano, Javier Abio and Rubén Manrique. Its early work was related to record companies and electronic music clubs. Nowadays, its work is mostly linked to the world of fashion and art. They are the people responsible for each issue of Neo2. Ipsum Planet has exhibited in Arco, Sonar, Art Futura and Palais in Tokyo. You can see some of our work here. It is divided into three groups: Yesterday, is the oldest work, Now is the most recent material and Hybrid is work that incorporates disciplines other than the regulars. Click HERE to view more from the Ipsum Planet portfolio.

Untitled by Natasa Vojnovic and Barnaby Roper

Sinosteel International Plaza by MAD