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Adaptive Reuse of Amsterdam Silos by NL Architects

Project: Adaptive Reuse of Amsterdam Silos
Designed by NL Architects
Client: Amvest, Blauwhoed
Users: Combiwel/Fijnhout Theater, Diversion, Mediatrack, Mountain Network, Nowhere, Rikit People, Theaterbureau Grünfeld
NL Architects: Pieter Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk, Kamiel Klaasse
NL Architects team: Arne van Wees, Tomas Amtmann, Joost Luub, Yuichi Tanaka, Yannick Vanhaelen, Gen Yamamoto, Ivar van der Zwan
Contractor: De Nijs en Zonen
Installations: VIAC Installatie Adviseurs

Few months ago we posted a winning proposal by Gelauff Architects, here is a very interesting proposal design for reuse of Zeeburg Silos by NL Architects – The silos on Zeeburgereiland are looking for a new destination. The relocation of the sewage treatment plant sparked new developments in the area: the Island now becomes inhabitable. It is strategically positioned in between the center of Amsterdam and its latest expansion called IJburg. The Island is very accessible; it directly links to the ring road A10.
Three silos will remain. One will be developed into an office building and is not part of this competition. But it is essential that this tower will be conceived in close cooperation with the two other silos; they should form a set. In this proposal the silos will be dedicated to Climbing, Sports and Culture. The Second Coming of the silos will be abstract and mysterious. The existing structures will be extended to the maximum height to benefit from the views and to create monumental substance in the projected urban condition. In the midst of the mainly residential development the new silos are reminiscent of their industrial past. They will become an enhanced version of themselves; stretched and twisted, like most memories.
To enter this two stage competition it was obligatory to form a team of future users and to present a business plan. Developers Amvest and Blauwhoed composed a ‘broad coalition’ of dynamic organizations in the fie
lds of music, theater, multimedia, fashion, dance and sports that will address a wide range of target groups and that will benefit from each others presence. The accumulation of these facilities will be an asset to the new neighborhood and create an intense cultural micro climate. More info …
*Photo credit/Source: NL Architects

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