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BrotherSister “Still Run” video by Shilo

Title: BrotherSister’s “Still Run” Music Video
Production Company: Shilo
Director: Shilo
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Lead Artist: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Editor: Galen Summer
3D Artists: Christopher Fung, Dave Hill, Joji Tsuruga, Warren Heimall
Visual FX Artists: Warren Heimall, Tamir Sapir
3D Modeling: Christina Ku, Scott Denton
2D Animator: Stieg Retlin
Compositors: Andre Stringer, Dave Hill, Rick Malwitz, Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung, Warren Heimall, Joji Tsuruga, Kirsten Hall
Assistant Compositor: Helen Kim
Photographers: Joel Voelker, Christopher Fung
Matte Painters: Andre Stringer, Christopher Fung
Miniatures: Willi Patton
Original Music: “Still Run” from BrotherSister’s 2008 release “The Wunder Tales”
Australian musical artists BrotherSister, comprised of siblings Dante and Xavia Nou, are very proud to announce the worldwide release of “Still Run,” a new music video produced by creative production company Shilo as their latest inspirational side-project. Under the creative direction of Shilo co-founder, creative director and director André Stringer, the Emmy Award-winning company’s artists in New York and San Diego crafted the dramatic 2:42 piece for the track “Still Run” from BrotherSister’s latest album, “The Wunder Tales.”

On BrotherSister’s website and their MySpace profile, the artists describe their music as indie, down-tempo and experimental. Both “The Wunder Tales” and BrotherSister’s 2006 self-titled debut release can be ordered from their website.

The completed “Still Run” music video was first screened for attendees of the first annual F5 creative festival, which occurred in New York in April. Uniting some of the brightest minds working in art, design and entertainment, the responses were overwhelmingly positive.
Like many of Shilo’s productions, “Still Run” combines still photography and cinematography of custom-built miniatures, and computer animation created using Maya, with After Effects compositing and visual effects artistry. “We did not want the finished look to appear photo-real, but rather, as a highly stylized vision, like something that may appear in a dream,” said Shilo’s lead artist Chris Fung. “Working over a long period of time with many different types of elements, our main challenge was to seamlessly combine everything into one strong, visually compelling story.”
*Courtesy of  Shilo and

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