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Cameron Diaz for Vogue by Mario Testino

Magazine: US Vogue
Published: June 2009
Covergirl: Cameron Diaz
Photography by Mario Testino
The main thing you need to know about Cameron Diaz, should she pick you up at your hotel in Los Angeles and drive you to Palm Springs, is that Cameron Diaz is an excellent driver. Really. Top-notch. This is big news because, let's face it, you never know what to expect when you get in a car with a movie star; movie stars are, by definition, people who get driven around in cars, which means that there's a good chance their car-driving skills have atrophied, if they ever had them. This is not the case with Cameron Diaz. She has retained her driving skills. At the wheel of her Prius, she is not too fast, not too slow, but steady. If you want to turn on the light for a second to look around for a pen, that's OK. "You can leave it on," she says. "I'm fine." Read the rest HERE.

*Photo credit: Cover scan by surreal7 @ TFS

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