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Paris: John Galliano Spring Summer 2010

Collection: John Galliano – Menswear
Season: Spring Summer 2010
Models: Adrien Brunier, Agustin Chavez, Ash Stymest, Clement Barreda, Cole Mohr, Christian Brylle, Daniel Uzdowski, Djordje Bogdanovic, Francisco Lachowski, Gen Huismans, George Barnett, Guilherme Klopper, Guy Robinson, Isaac Carew, Jakob Wiechmann, Janice Fronimakis, Jean Carlos, Jonathan and Kevin, Jordy Smilde, Julian Hennig, Julian Schratter, Kristian Akergren, Linus Gustin, Nils Butler, Martin Bleck, Mathias Billien, Matt Egan, Patrick Kafka, Paul Boche, Pete Bolton, Philipp Bierbaum (Closing), Romain Sergent, Romulo Pires, Santiago Montero, Simon Nessman, Scott Barnhill (Opening), Taylor Fuchs, Thomas de Oliveira, Travis Davenport, Vladimir Ivanov
Designed by John Galliano
The show we all love for its theatric side, started with quite a cinematic arabian world inspired soundtrack and finished with P.Y.T. tribute to late Michael Jackson, giving backdrop for yet another Napoleon inspiration by the designer. The vast collection was actually more visible this time, under layers of make up, that all gave us a hard time recognizing our favorite models (pirated version of Cole Mohr, Simon Nessman and up and comer Francisco Lachowski standing out), shirts replacing belts, you could see a collection full of investment pieces, something you will want and something you will keep. Finale assured that Galliano is not leaving his signature newspaper prints, which were all over his underwear part collection, with a touch of flowery overlay. Click on the image below to view the video at, where you can have a very detailed preview of the Spring Summer 2010 look book: 

John Galliano Spring Summer 2010 runway video

*Photo credit:

Simon Nessman for John Galliano Underwear

Mariacarla Boscono by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Nippon