Garrett Neff for CALIBRE

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Ad Campaign: Calibre
Season: Spring Summer 2009
Model: Garrett Neff |Click Models|
Photography by Magnus Unnar
Australiang clothing brand Calibre is celebrating it’s 20th birthday, fronting their anniversary collection is supermodel / birthday boy Garrett Neff. Bare in mind summer is coming to Australia, more images of Garrett in Calibre Spring Summer 2009. under the cut:

*Source | Calibre


  1. C says:

    Hilarious! The photo with him on the phone is my favourite. Black jacket and black…Calvin's?

  2. designscene says:

    those are not calvins… they are Calibre 😉

  3. Mika says:

    I wrote in your Kylie post, today stole this post too! Strange your baptiste for wound feature is not there yet

  4. Anonymous says:

    photo: terry richardson

  5. designscene says:

    Terry shot the previous campaign, Magnus Unnar photographed this one

  6. designscene says:

    Oh and Mika… I'm aware…

    both of these I have from the official websites, for few days now, why did they show up few hours after on other blogs…

    maybe it's a coincidence once again 😉

    If you're a seasoned blogger and you have your comments disabled… There's not much to conclude

    I try not to tag cause I believe readers enjoy the clean images, so it just makes it a bit easier for some…

    anyways thanks

  7. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree that it is very lame for a blogger to have the comments disabled. It makes it look like you have something to hide and you dont want people talking. As for the pictures themselves, I think as long as they are easily provided at the official site, we can't assume someone steals it from here or there. Garrett Neff is a top model, so ofcourse posts will pop up in most blogs, you can't be the only one who thinks this is a cool campaign.

  8. designscene says:

    ^of course I agree, this will spread around… one of the reasons there's no tagging on Design Scene is that, I don't mind when other websites take stuff…

    But it get's really annoying with some websites constantly feeding of Design Scene, they don't acknowledge it and then they even close their comments box…

    I could close my comments box slap a TAG over everything and pick up 3-4 websites I'll just repost from… wonderful, I'd be done in half an hour

  9. Anonymous says:

    I write a blog with some overlap to yours, and we have borrowed and linked between us a few times — as it should be. But OHLALA (idiots: it should be Ooh La La) and YVY have constantly stolen ideas and content from my blog and others. My consolation: we reap what we sow 🙂 Love your new design btw. xoxo

  10. designscene says:

    aw im not alone =)
    tho wish i knew who you are

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