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The Family by Kaman Tung

The Family
Designer: Kaman Tung
These series of chairs are designed for outdoor café or restaurants and public spaces. The idea came from the habit and needs people have when they are outside. For example, in restaurants and bars, we always put our coat and bags on the back of the chair,and we always have to worry that someone might steal our belongings. And sometimes, we have bags that are too precious to put them on the dirty floor. That is the reason why I try to make public furniture that response to these needs. Continue for more after the jump:

Kaman is focusing on chairs / seating, knowing that the most frequent used public furniture are seats for people waiting or resting or doing something on it (like searching things in our big bags, writing, having a quick lunch etc.). So these is a series of some simple chairs that discreetly merge our little needs in public space.
The members of this family include the Case Chair, the Backpack Chair, the HangerChair and the Table.

Roger J Renberg for MAXIM

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