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The Peak Series by Visiondivision

Project: The Peak Series
Designed by Visiondivision
This is a series of pre-fabricated summer houses that allows a great portion of social life on a relatively small space. While being a comfortable vacation home for a family it can also easily accommodate a large amount of guests thanks to a sleeping mezzanine floor.The house is pyramidal in its shape with a wood façade with a gap between each board allowing climbing. Continue for more after the jump:

The Peak Series by Visiondivision

The house is divided into three floors; in the middle is the sleeping mezzanine located, sandwiched between an open social first floor with a kitchen and a living room, and the upper floor with the master bedroom with bathroom.Each guest bed can be reached through a hatch that connects with the outside, thus giving each guest its private entrance, a fire escape and a nice view from each bed. The upper floor has also hatches from the bedroom and the bathroom.The house will be for sale later this summer at Sommarnöjen, an exclusive Swedish summer house manufacturer that sells pre-fabricated houses from the leading contemporary architects in Sweden.The house can firstly be ordered in two different sizes; 45m2 and 90m2 but can also be adaptable upon request, perhaps as a vessel or a larger scale, such as a summer camp.

The 45 m2
The smallest house (45m2) has one master bedroom at the upper level and can hold six guest beds at the mezzanine level.

The 90 m2
When doubled it holds a total of twelve guest beds and comes with a large bathroom between two master bedrooms.

Adaptable in any scale and place
The house will at first be launched in the Scandinavian countries but is of course adaptable to other countries and larger scales as well.
*Courtesy of Visiondivision

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