Constantin Brancusi by Google

Constantin Barncusi

Constantin Brancusi by Google
As you may have seen already, search engine giant Google pays homage to sculptor Constantin Brancusi by featuring a rendering of artists famed pieces on its homepage. It is Constantin's 135th birthday anniversary, coming from a tiny village in Romania and later living in Paris, by introducing abstraction to the art form Brancusi revolutionised sculpture. 

From left to right in this Google Doodle special name of these pieces are Prometheus, Leda, The Newborn, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany, Bird in Space and The Kiss.

And what exactly compares to Brancusi for Karl Lagerfeld today? Find out after the jump:

"I think they are very beautiful objects. There is no touch of what is considered bad taste or bad design [with technology], because bad design is bad taste today. They are flawless in a way. Facebook is a flawless object…it’s for me like a Brancusi” – Karl Lagerfeld for BOF

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