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Design Scene Q&A With Nicola Formichetti

nicola formichetti

Design Scene Q&A With Nicola Formichetti
Day before the start of the Paris Fashion Week we had an amazing opportunity to in a way be part of the Mugler Live Stream by opening the Q&A section with the creative director Nicola Formichetti. Naturally we were very Mugler-curious so head after the jump to see what Nicola replied to some of our questions: 


Q) When you were asked to become Mugler's creative director, what went through your head?

Amazing. Wow, great, no, shit, yeah, no, yes. I was really excited but then I was scared at the same time so I was kind of going back and forth. Yeah. 

Q) Designers often match their women's and men's collections, how do you see the connection between Mugler man and Mugler woman?

I think they're both very, very important and they're not coupled, but they're sort of in the same universe.  And then you know there is kind of very strong and sexy modern minimal digital new breed of  men and women so I see them like that of course. You know "woman" is sexier – it needs to feel a little more delicate – more than the man I think.  I didn't change it a lot…but it's very modern, minimal.

Q) Do you think styling of the collection can actually guide the audience to select a stand-out piece from the runway?

For me, styling is like defining a message. I don't really like to style to get the standout look or anything but I feel like you're telling a story. 

Q) How much importance do you give to the choice of the first as well as the last face to walk the runway at Mugler show?

I think the first and the last face are very very important.

(The show was simultaneously opened by Marte Mei van Haaster (IMG) and Melodie Dagault (ELITE), closed by Karolijn Zomer (IMG))

In case you missed our LIVE stream of the show, click HERE to see the complete collection as well as the mesmerizing runway video.

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