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Amano Design Office Shapes An Eye-Catching Building in Ginza

Dear Ginza Amano Design

Talented creatives at Amano Design Office have shaped the office building appropriately named Dear Ginza. The amazing facade not only comes as a showstopping addition to the project, but it also servers as an eco-friendly isolation both from noise and the sun. 

Considering the views from the inside, simply obtaining openness with glass seems futile, since the outside scenery is hopeless. Therefore, a double skin structure is employed, which consists of glass curtain walls and graphically treated aluminum punched metal. The façade becomes a part of the interior decoration and obviates the need for window treatments such as blinds or curtains. By using a double skin, reduction of the air conditioning load and the glass cleaning burden was also intended. – from Amano Design Office.

Discover more of the project located in the prestige Ginza in Tokyo.

Dear Ginza Amano Design Dear Ginza Amano Design Dear Ginza Amano Design Dear Ginza Amano Design

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