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CASTELLO CAVALCANTI by Wes Anderson for PRADA New York Screening


The must see Wes Anderson short film Castello Cavalcanti created in collaboration with PRADA was screened yesterday in the New York Epicenter at 575 Broadway. The film following a racing tale in 1955 in a humorous way celebrates Italian culture.

Castello Cavalcanti is part of Anderson‟s ongoing auteur universe, which includes the „modern classics‟, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom — except this time, we‟re in Italy, it‟s September 1955, and Jason Schwartzman has just crashed his racing car into Jesus Christ. What ensues is a „Wes Andersonian‟ folk tale about fate. Filmed on a pitch-perfect period set in Cinecittà, Castello Cavalcanti finds the urbane, slick Schwartzman stranded in a small town that‟s been skipped over by modernity. “Where am I?” he asks. The locals pause from playing cards and point at a brick building: “Castello Cavalcanti.” It‟s a one piazza kind of place, where everyone‟s distantly related to everyone else, the bus comes not very often, and family secrets are shared over spaghetti. – from PRADA

Guests at the NYC screening included cast member Giada Colagrande, Nicoletta Santoro, Max Vadukul, Kate Foley, Timothy Greenfield Sanders, Haidee Findlay-Levin, Johannes Huebl, Anya Ziourova, Micol Sabbadini and Genevieve Jones.

In case you missed Anderson short film, see it above. More of the guests below:

PRADA Kate Foley

PRADA Micol Sabbadini

PRADA Fashion stylist Nicoletta Santoro, and fashion photographer Max Vadukul

PRADA Actress Karin Greenfield-Sanders, and her husband and film maker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

PRADA Model Johannes Huebl

PRADA Fashion Editor Haidee Findlay-Levin

PRADA Cast member Giada Colagrande

PRADA Socialite Genevieve Jones

Anya Ziourova Fashion Stylist Anya Ziourova


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