How to Kiss Bad Hair Days Goodbye Forever

Do you ever wake up, stumble to the bathroom, look in the mirror and let out a scream?

bad hair days

Do you ever wake up, stumble to the bathroom, look in the mirror and let out a scream? Far from being the fairest of them all, your mirror shows you’re nothing but an ugly sister with hair that looks like you’ve spent the night spooning a Van de Graaf generator.

To add insult to injury, your other half hasinterrupted your beauty sleep by snoring like a rhinoceros with man flu, and the cat has clawed your favourite cardigan to pieces. It’s safe to say your day isn’t off to the best start – but you’re not alone. According to research, the average British female will spend the equivalent of 26 years of her life suffering from bad hair, with most waking up with an unruly barnet at least three days a week.

But before you dive back into bed in an attempt to shut out the world, you should know that, with just a little bit of effort, you can kiss bad hair day’s goodbye forever. How? Read on to find out …

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Use Natural Shampoo

You may not know it, but your regular shampoo may be stripping your hair of its natural oils due to the nasty chemicals contained within. To avoid such a fate, it pays to use natural shampoo to restore your hair’s oils, offering you a cleaner finish and fresh, manageable hair.

Refine Your Diet

When the winter months roll round, it’s easy to fuel your body with foods that are high in fat – but greasy fare can actually contribute to the health and strength of your hair diminishing. Consequently, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses if you want to keep your precious locks in top notch condition throughout the year.

Boost Your Barnet

Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning can be a real shock if your hair is limper and lanker than Francis Rossi from Status Quo – but this is often the upshot of using too much hair product. In an attempt to move away from the ageing rocker look, try filling up a spray bottle with warm water and give your roots a good misting. Give your head a shake, flip your hair up then style it.


baid hair days

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Avoid Blow Drying 

Rushing to get ready for work can often mean blasting wet hair with the blow dryer – but the heat can fry your hair, leading to locks drier than straw left under a desert sun.

If you really can’t avoid using a blow dryer, try to hand dry your hair with a towel first to reduce the amount of time spent under the devilish heat of the dryer.

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