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Belgrade Design Week Starts Today!


Belgrade Design Week thankfully withstands for another year, sadly the global crisis has extinguished a slew of design festivals around the globe. Nevertheless founded in 2005 Belgrade Design Week returns this year with another impressive week of everything design. The main part of Belgrade Design Week in addition to its satellite events (exhibitions, workshops…), is the prestige Belgrade Design Week conference, featuring leading creatives from around the world.

The “Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century” from over 20 countries, from the full range of creative industries: branding, design, architecture, publishing, advertising, fashion, media, film, entrepreneurship and culture, will talk about the creation of new values in today’s fast changing world! Don’t miss one of the most exciting modern festivals of global creativity, and visit the ninth edition of the world famous BDW Conference titled: BRAND NEW WORLD. – from BDW

See some of the names taking part in this yes BDW:



If you ever thought that architecture was just another discipline, you have obviously never been in the company of Massimiliano Fuksas. This time, you will have the opportunity to find out how this incredible Italian architect shares his optimism and a sense of possibility through his work. He will tell you why you should fight against form, shape and style, and if you listen carefully, you might even find out what people actually want from architects. Finally, Fuksas will explain the philosophy of his work and the reason why architects must always question everything.



For 3XN from Copenhagen one thing is certain – their creation is build on the best Danish tradition of clear functionality and simple beauty. Each new project rests on the shoulders of their previous work, even though they always challenge conventions. They say that each new project is seen as research that enhances their experience and sharpens their approach. 3XN will explain how they manage to combine a broad knowledge of materials, technology and user needs with organizational strengths in financial and project management, as well as execution. You will also find out how performing today’s work becomes tomorrow’s architectural heritage.



As a result of our ongoing attempt to present the best creative minds from the former Yugoslavia, this time at BDW 2014, you will have the chance to be in the company of a great architect from Zagreb – Idis Turato. His amazing potential is obvious in every project he has ever done. Still, if you say that Turato is just an architect you will be wrong. His talents for writing and music are also evident. Expect to hear from Turato how it feels to create

something that will last forever, and which project is he most proud of. Find out where he finds the inspiration to design, write and play, and which of these three he enjoys most.



BDW has the honor to present to you Zuzanna Skalska, head of trends at VanBerlo, considered one of Europe’s leading strategy, design and implementation agencies. Be the first to learn from Zuzanna how to help your clients to reach ultimate business value and how to combine expertise with imagination. Why it is important for designers to come up with solutions that are relevant, and why you can’t understand your clients just by sitting behind your desk – these are some of the things you will find out at this lecture!



The one and only, Tom Strala, will definitely change the way you face the complexity of the world. It is said that his works are pieces of art you can settle in front of, get amazed, inspired to think about life, and catch some deeper thoughts about everyday-life-objects that we use so thoughtless. At BDW you will hear Strala speaking about necessity of passion in art, and urging people to start dreaming again. He will explain why you cannot find intensity in compromise, and how global, commercial, politic problems, as well as formal, mental visions, and market psychological and economic parameters shape the way designers create and think.



The Japanese design studio Nendo’s “Still and Sparkling” exhibition is composed of five concepts: press lamps, inhale lamps, inner blow and overflow tables, the x-ray vase and growing vases. Recognized for the duality evident in the research and experimental design approach, the exhibition demonstrates the unique craftsmanship of LASVIT, the leading global glass maestros from the Czech Republic. Supported by LASVIT and the Japan Foundation.

These are only a few of the massively talented participants at the latest Belgrade Design Week for more info log on to

Maartje Verhoef for WSJ Magazine by Daniel Jackson

Anja Rubik for Vogue Paris by Lachlan Bailey