Advantages of Wearing Great Makeup

Great Makeup

For thousands of years, women have worn cosmetics to enhance their appearance. If you look at some of the artwork of the ancient Egyptians, you will see that both men and women wore makeup for various religious purposes. Nowadays, thousands of years later, makeup is more popular than it has ever been before. In fact, if a woman goes outside without wearing makeup, it is usually very noticeable. Makeup can be found in both expensive and cheap varieties, so no matter what a woman’s income level is, she can still afford to look good. With so many brands of cosmetics, there is no end in sight to their popularity.

Here are several of the advantages of wearing great makeup.


 1. It makes a woman look more beautiful

There is a reason that when a model does a photo shoot, or when a actress performs a scene, there is a professional makeup person that applies their makeup to make sure they look perfect. This is because makeup, when it is applied properly, can make a woman look much more beautiful than she does without it. The amount of different options available for women to change their appearance with makeup gives them the opportunity to go to various public events without constantly looking the same.

2. It increases a woman’s self-esteem

When a woman feels beautiful, she is naturally more confident when she is around other people. This is generally the case for all people when they are proud of the way they look. When a person feels sexy, they want to show themselves off to other people. Make up has the ability to transform a woman who is not that attractive into the object of a man’s desire. The results can sometimes be quite shocking. All you need to do is go on YouTube and look at some of the makeup videos that have been posted. They will show you what a woman looks like before she gets her makeup, then you can watch the transformation as it happens. It is not surprising that these women feel much better about themselves after the makeup has been applied.


3. A variety of looks

There is a style of makeup for every occasion you can think of. Certain types of makeup are more appropriate for certain events than others. If you use makeup long enough, you will begin to learn when to tone down your appearance, and when it is ok to glam it up a bit. The great thing is that when you use a brow tint and other types of makeup, you can give yourself a completely different look from one day to the next. You basically have the ability to make yourself virtually unrecognizable, assuming you have the necessary skills to apply the makeup properly.


4. Easy to apply

While there are still some types of makeup that are a little tricky to apply, most of the common types of makeup that you can buy in drug stores are very easy for the average woman to apply on her own, when she is looking in the rear-view mirror of her car. There is no assistance that is required. Also, the makeup is very easy to remove, so you can make a quick change to a new look if you are going to a different event.

Photos above by Igor Cvoro for DESIGN SCENE; Makeup Artist Jovana Vukosavljevic at FOX Belgrade, Model Vanja at FOX Models Belgrade. Jovana used Make Up Forever and L’Oreal.

Dani Brusker

Zanna and Distance by Dani Brubaker for Fraulein Magazine

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