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Reuben Ramacher for Roberto Cavalli Spring 2016

Reuben Ramacher

The rising star on the modeling scene Reuben Ramacher stars in Roberto Cavalli‘s Spring 2016 menswear lookbook captured by fashion photographer Richard Bush at 2b Management. Styling is courtesy of Sarah M Richardson with makeup from Mathias van Hooff.


RobertoCavalliSS16ML-02 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-03 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-04 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-05 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-06 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-07 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-08 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-09 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-10 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-11 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-12 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-13 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-14 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-15 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-16 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-17 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-18 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-19 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-20 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-21 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-22 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-23 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-24 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-25 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-26 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-27 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-28 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-29 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-30 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-31 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-32 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-33 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-34 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-35 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-36 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-37 RobertoCavalliSS16ML-38

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