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#MFW Christian Pellizzari Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection


Christian Pellizzari showcased his new Fall Winter 2016.17 menswear collection during the recently finished Milano fashion week. Pellizzari continued his research of Italian art and architecture, and with the new collection he is celebrating the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

A special tribute to the Sala delle Cariatidi – partially destroyed by the Anglo-American bombing in 1943 – inspires the next season’s image, where the contrast between the harshness of the war and the neoclassical allure suggests sophisticated blends of different materials. The mix of precious and shiny jacquards – reminiscent of old-time tapestries and damasks – alternates to thick and rigid textures, with an almost rough feel, like in the uniform coats in wool and Shetland. The baroque friezes seem to detach from the walls and touch the rich jacquards of the sartorialtuxedos, unveiling silver thread and metallic sequin embroidery tot illuminate and decorate the military cuts.


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