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1 - Betye Saar, The Phrenologers Window II, 1966
Fondazione Prada presents the exhibition Uneasy Dancer by Los Angeles artist Betye Saar from 15 September 2016 through 8 January 2017 hosted at the Nord Gallery, Milan, curated by Elvira Dyangani Ose. The first exhibition of Betye Saar in Italy brings together over 80 works including installations, assemblages, collages and sculpture produced between 1966 and 2016.

“Uneasy Dancer” is an expression Betye Saar has used to define both herself and her artistic practice. In her own words, “my work moves in a creative spiral with the concepts of passage, crossroads, death and rebirth, along with the underlying elements of race and gender.” This process implies “a stream of consciousness” that explores the ritualized mysticism present in recovering personal stories and iconographies from everyday objects and images. Several key elements lie at the center of her artistic practice: an interest in the metaphysical, the representation of feminine memory, and African-American identity which, in her work, takes on takes on evocative and unusual forms. As Saar has said about her work, “It was really about evolution rather than revolution, about evolving the consciousness in another way and seeing black people as human beings instead of the caricatures or the derogatory images.”  – from Fondazione Prada

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3 - Betye Saar, Sambo's Banjo, 1971-72

5 - Betye Saar, Record for Hattie, 1975

6 - Betye Saar, Smiles We Left Behind, 1976

7 - Betye Saar, TrainTo Paris, 1979

11 - Betye Saar, Migration Africa America Side 2, 2006

13 - Betye Saar, Globetrotter, 2007

14 - Betye Saar, Rhythm and Blues, 2010

16 - Betye Saar, The Weight Of Buddha, 2014

19 - Betye Saar, Red Signs of Transformation, 2015

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