The Body of A Woman Is Unique


Endless Unique Snowflakes

No woman’s body is precisely the same. No man’s is, either; but the distinction is greater with ladies. Certainly men have their own rugged good looks, but there is a delicate ethereal nature to the female of an entirely different kind. The beauty of a woman transcends the visual, and the physical, and escapes into realms of the conceptual. Understanding this can take some time.

Consider an older gentleman with salt and pepper whiskers and a gut like Santa Claus. He’s not classically attractive, but the red button nose of that rouge-colored old elf, massive beard, and “jelly belly” all have a kind of beauty, don’t they? It’s not a sensualistic kind, but a conceptual kind. The same sort of beauty comes in the grandmother who has become the seasoned matriarch of a household.

Her life as a young thing was filled with intrigue, adventure, desire, and romance. As she matured, she brought that passion to parenthood, but her fingers became calloused with work until they were hard but soft. As an old woman she shares her knowledge—and her pastries—with three generations of people that could not have existed but for her mothering care.

True beauty transitions through phases, and is unique to the individual—though in a way, it can be seen in an abbreviation like those above. Certainly, women can be compared to a flower; but a flower grows old and withers.

A woman blooms, and continues to flower with new beauties as the years go by—so it isn’t a fair comparison. The woman is more beautiful than the flower, and she becomes more beautiful with time—at least according to Audrey Hepburn.

And yet, unlike a man, a woman definitely has a season where her perceived ripeness is at its highest point. This season may last decades for some, or a handful of years for others. Transition will come eventually, that is just life. So for that period when the greatest individual beauty radiates outward tangibly, it is integral to properly shroud it in complimentary garments.


Be The Most Beautiful You

You want a dress that won’t be found on any of the other unique women out there, but fits you and you alone. Your beauty is such that this is the best possible way to go about clothing yourself. Today, there are unparalleled opportunities to obtain form-fitting solutions tailored precisely to you, and of the highest quality. You can even get them online, if you’re savvy enough.

Custom dresses by Azazie give you the ability to “…make any alterations if you don’t think the…dress is perfect.” Known for their bridesmaids dresses, this organization produces unique opportunities for you to express yourself to the world in an individual way.

Additionally, entire themes can be represented by a group of ladies—and each of them will have a comfortable, unique garment fitted precisely to their form. Think: bridesmaids.


Privileges of the Modern World
It is a special privilege to have the kind of clothing access women of the 21st century enjoy, and unfortunately trendy styles don’t always follow that which most appropriately emphasizes the beauty feminine. Lady GaGa may think dressing in meat is chic, but everybody who isn’t brainwashed by Hollywood knows that’s just kind of stupid, and very gross.

So, you can follow those ideals and trends which invert the beautiful for the sake of popularity, or you can do what comes natural and express yourself through colors and shapes fitted to your body, your style, your sensibilities, and you in particular. Use the opportunities available to you, and you may be surprised at those you encounter. A flower in finest bloom cannot help but attract attention.

All Images From DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Marika Glowalla by Tamara Hansen

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