Peruvian Magic – PEET DULLAERT’s Visionary Project

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Discover the Series 9 of Peet Dullaert’Visionary Project named Peruvian Magic. Created by artist Peter van der Es and stylist Ogènda, the newest series of photographs feature unique statement jewelry pieces from the Dullaert’s Cosmic Exploration collection.

Van der Es and Ogènda traveled to Perú, documenting their colourful journey, celebrating eclectic culture where traditional values and mesmerising landscapes are in constant dialog with the bustling, fast-paced dynamic of modern life. The jewelry pieces taken on their journey offered a new vantage point whilst traveling through the country to discover, meet, observe and appreciate beautiful people, daily life, culture and the magical landscapes of Perú. – from Peet Dullaert


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All images courtesy of Peet Dullaert