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Re-Decorating Your Home on a Budget

“Changing the color of paint in the living room was the biggest change I have ever made in terms of interiors… And yet I feel like I buy a new house every few years,” says Cassidy, the owner of a company providing term paper help in Houston, Texas.

If you have been living in your home for at least a few years, you know the feeling. At some point, you’ve just had enough. The walls start closing in on you, the place looks messy all the time, and you are seriously considering living in the streets as a viable alternative to staying in your own house. You can change the apartment if you are leasing it, but it’s a bigger problem with the place you own.

First of all, don’t freak out. It’s normal for a human brain to get tired of the usual surroundings. You spend a lot of time at home (hopefully) and that’s why its interiors become the biggest irritating factor.

Secondly, there are ways to re-decorate your house in the shortest time and on a budget. Here is what you could do to change the scenery with a few simple interior design tips.

Re-paint at least one room

The change brought by a different color is dramatic. Compare white and brown, for example. While white is light and stimulates creativity, brown is heavy and solid, forcing you to reflect. The benefit of re-painting your room with the furniture in it is that you will understand better if the new color fits.

Change the cover and pillow cases in your bedroom

The colors on your bed contribute significantly into the general picture. Bedding along with the cover and pillow cases can draw attention from afar or blend in with the surroundings (small flowers in pastel colors, for example). Maybe you have used a single blanket before – change it to a few knitted ones. These might be not as practical as home design magazines would have you believe, but they bring a lot of change to the image. The bed is a central part of the room, which means giving its appearance a few tweaks might as well change the entire room.

Rearrange the furniture

Yes, your good old furniture stays, but there might be better places for it now. Maybe the coffee table should move a little? And maybe the TV will feel comfortable on the other side? You’ll have lots of fun trying things out – as long as you have a friend to help you move heavy things.

Change the accent

What is the main accent of your room? The TV? The window? The table? Try accentuating something else. Add a few light bulbs over the table to make it stand out or change the color of your curtains to draw attention to the window. Again, this might change the look of the room completely.

In fact, there are many more ways to make your house look different without overspending or inventing the wheel all over again. Try out these first. Once you’ve done the basics, you’ll be ready for more complicated action.

All images from Flatiron Loft by ALine Studio. The apartment brought by ALINE Studio is located in an old industrial storage building in New York city. The prolific architects managed to create an inviting living space for the family owning the space.


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