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In today’s day and age getting a good night sleep is no doubt one of the cardinal beauty tips, however sticking to a sleep routine is much harder than it seems. When most of us are addicted to technology without even knowing so, a constant barrage of notifications ups our stress hormone levels not allowing the metabolism to slow down in the evening.

In addition to our mobile phones keeping us awake, trying to keep with social life post work hours makes it harder than ever creating a good sleep schedule.


This is easier sad than done, since the beginning of mankind getting a good night sleep has never been as hard! The reason’s are countless, but stirred in the pot are our excessive use of technology in addition to pressure to socialize. However trying to form a certain schedule can actually help with a lot of your daytime problems caused by stress and slick deprivation.

Routine in the evening is as important as a routine in the morning, helping you begin and wind up your day. Waking up in the morning is certainly hard especially if you had a night out, but sticking to waking up every day in the same time is pivotal. Research has shown waking up every day in the same time plays the most important role in maintaining your  circadian rhythm, which is in charge of making you tired at the same time every night but also keeping you productive throughout the day. Also, in addition to numerous benefits, getting seven to eight our of rest will also help your body reduce your wrinkles while sleeping, by rejuvenating your skin over night.

Needless to say, a well rested night of sleep is primary to getting up revitalized, therefore with no room for discussion make a strict sleep schedule and stick to it. To help you stick to your routine, catching up on additional beauty sleep Zs on the weekend by sleeping in longer will hamper your attempts to form a routine. Try to wake up same time as Monday at least on a Sunday morning, no matter how hard that may sound.

beauty tips


Unless you went to the gym throughout the day, if not needed, try and save your showers for the morning. Not only will a shower help you start your day, a moment in the shower is very often the only time of day we are alone with ourselves. This can be your actual meditation time allowing you to clear your head and get ready for the day ahead. If you are daring enough, go for cold or at least less warm showers, this is to wake up your metabolism and give you a jolt of you energy. Also, avoiding hot showers is more than important for your skin.


Your body is using energy to digest food, having a big meal in the late hours before bed will take the food longer to digest – thus bringing your energy levels up and keeping you wake.  To avoid getting hungry at nite, try and make breakfast your biggest meal of the day, so why not treat yourself and grab a nice pastry or a Kimbo coffee. That will result in your body having plenty of energy throughout the day allowing the bodily functions to wind down in the evening before sleep.

After breakfast all of your meals should get smaller as the day moves forward, with a very light as the last meal dinner taken four hours before going to bed.


Heading to gym and exercising is often hard to fit into a busy daily routine, even tho we all wish we had an hour extra of time to hit the gym. Still daily exercise is not just about staying in shape, it’s key for your mental and physical well being. Easy to guess, the more you wear yourself out the more tired you’ll be in the evening, and thus fall asleep easier.

If you are not able to fit in exercise into your day, try installing an app counting your steps, most of apps recommend a minimum of six thousand steps a day. That’s is about an hour of walking, so perhaps try walking to work, or if your work place is too far, getting off a bus or metro stop early on your way to and from work will do the trick. Walking is to naturally relax you and put your mind at ease which is perfect to help you keep up with the #01.


And last of our beauty tips – coffee as you know can increase energy levels throughout the day, but so can a chocolate bar or a doughnut. While caffeine can at the moment relieve tiredness, it will also have an opposite effect if you are relying on way too many cups of coffee throughout the day. The same problem comes with sugar intake..

Try avoiding coffee or sweets after 5pM, if you are feeling tired try having a freshly squeezed glass of lemon or orange juice instead. Oranges and especially lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is both rejuvenating as well as anti-aging, plus will help your immune system fight off any colds in the winter days.


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