Warmly Moncler for UNICEF Project

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Moncler UNICEF
Moncler and UNICEF have announced Warmly Moncler for UNICEF project to support children who need help and assistance during the cold weather. Children from around the world and their families will receive clothing and dedicated winter kits to protect themselves.

Globally, millions of children live in situations of extreme emergency and they require almost everything: food, water, adequate clothing, healthcare, and a safe place to stay.  Without access to heated shelters, blankets and warm clothes during winter, many children and their families struggle daily for survival.

UNICEF has always played a fundamental role in safeguarding lives of millions of children in the world, and to be by their side in this project, is a source of great honor and pride for Moncler. –Remo Ruffini, President and CEO of Moncler.