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Making of Special Effects for GUCCI Fall Winter 2018 Show

The magical world of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, takes it’s fairy tale side to a whole new level with the today presented and much talked about Fall Winter 2018 runway show. While the collection is not stepping far from the realm of Michele’s opulent imagination the runway show dazzled the fashion industry and the world with models taking on the special effects to the catwalk. One of them, a DESIGN SCENE favourite, Dwight Hoogendijk went viral on the web holding a replica of his own head as an accessory! (Dwight was also featured in the Issue 08 of D’SCENE magazine).


The collection goes further beyond, taking the shape of a genuine Cyborg Manifesto (D. J. Haraway), in which the hybrid is metaphorically praised as a figure that can overcome the dualism and the dichotomy of identity. The Cyborg, in fact, is a paradoxical creature keeping together nature and culture, masculine and feminine, normal and alien, psyche and matter. Conflicting with any category grid, the Cyborg is the expression that blends different evolving identities. Hybrid and shifting identities, built on multiple belongings, that transgress the normative discipline. Gucci Cyborg is post-human: it has eyes on its hands, faun horns, dragon’s puppies and doubling heads. It’s a biologically indefinite and culturally aware creature. The last and extreme sign of a mongrel identity under constant transformation. The symbol of an emancipatory possibility through which we can decide to become what we are. – from Gucci

How did it all go down with the special effects team, you can find out by scrolling down and discovering the making of Gucci special effects images:







All images courtesy of Gucci

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