5 Tips To Keep Cool This Summer

Keep Cool

The summer is a wonderful time of year and most people look forward to it, especially if they have been through a cold, dark, dull winter. However, there is a fine line between being able to enjoy the warm weather and being too hot and unable to go outside and have fun, or be productive at work – or even sleep. We’ve put together some useful tips to keep you cool when the sun is shining so you can make the most of the weather when it’s good.

Wear Loose Clothing

When the temperature starts to climb, you may automatically begin to hunt for a pair of shorts and a skin-tight tank top or t-shirt. However, such clothing may not help you keep as cool as you think it will, though. The best way to keep cool is to wear loose clothing, so that as little material as possible is going to come into contact with your skin. When clothing clings (to your sweat, perhaps), you’ll feel uncomfortable and miserable and you might even sweat even more. At the very least you’ll feel hotter than you need to be.

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Keep Cool

Don’t Wear Flimsy Fabrics

Again, you may assume that thin, flimsy fabric is going to be your best friend come the summer, but if it has no weight to it then it will stick much more easily to your body, making you feel worse. You don’t have to wear heavy clothing as such, but make sure there is some kind ofheavier seam or pattern that will help keep the garments where they are meant to be, and not stuck your hot skin.

Don’t Smoke

When you smoke you sweat more, and that’s the last thing you want on a hot summer’s day. It’s not the heat of the cigarette, or the smoke coming from it – it’s the nicotine. When inhaled, nicotine makes your body produce more of the chemical acetylcholine which speeds up your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, raises your body temperature, and makes your sweat glands work overtime. 

Keep Cool

Choose Natural Fabrics

Manmade fabrics such as rayon and polyester don’t allow the skin to breathe, making it sweat more and making you feel a lot hotter. Combine this with the fact that these materials don’t absorb the sweat and stay wet for longer, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a lot of discomfort in the sun. Instead, choose to wear natural fabrics like cotton which is a lot better at absorbing liquid and will, therefore, keep you cooler.

Wear A Hat

A lovely wide-brimmed hat will also help to keep you cool as it will keep the sun away from the top of your head where the heat is easily absorbed. Another useful addition to your purse is a lightweight scarf which you can drape across your shoulders if you think you’re getting too much sun.

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