Your Guide to Wearing Perfume Like a Pro

Using a perfume is about so much more than just smelling good, yet so many women fail to understand or acknowledge that fact. For example, every occasion has a perfume and a genuine fragrance does not smell the same on everybody because they mix with the natural scent of the person and create a unique smell particular to that person. If that little bit of info got you interested, read on for more as we discuss how to wear perfume like a pro.

Don’t Overdo It

At best, 3 – 5 sprays are enough in most situations and even less might be ideal, depending on the concentration and the fragrance in question. However, you should never exceed the five-spray limit because an overpowering fragrance is a big turn off for the people around you and it defeats the purpose. The idea is to leave a hint of the perfume you are wearing behind, not smother people with it. Fragrances are timeless, thus finding your own favourite choice is part of finding your identity. Thanks to a fragrance you can live forever through somebody’s memory, therefore it’s good to find the right one.

Only Use Authentic Perfumes

The fragrance and the brand will differ from person to person since preferences do vary, but always buy original cosmetics at Maple Prime, irrespective of the brand or the product you choose. There is no shortage of near-perfect duplicates in the market and that’s precisely why it’s safer to always shop from a trusty place like Maple Prime. If you do end up with a fake perfume though, that’s not something you ever want to wear to a social occasion because anyone who knows anything about perfumes will be able to tell the difference right away.

Buy in Small Bottles

Provided you have the option to do so, always buy your perfumes in small bottles because they just don’t last long. If you are planning to hold on to your bottle for example of perfume like Guilty EDT by Gucci for a long time, even tho it’s a limited edition chances are that the fragrance will become weaker and weaker with every passing week after three months. Small bottles will also let you use your money better by distributing your preallotted perfume budget among multiple products, rather than having to stick with just one or two.

Another thing, you can also travel easily with a small perfume bottle, whether you are boarding an airplane or simply like having your fragrance with you at all times to freshen up. And speaking of Gucci if you are a true fan of the brand and their fragrance, check out the fashion house’s collaboration with 15 female artists for the launch of the new Gucci fragrance.

Spray on Your Skin

A well-made fragrance mixes with your natural scent and gives you a unique touch of olfactory signature, so spray directly onto your skin from a distance of roughly six inches. If you live in a particularly hot state, spray it on your handkerchief, scarf or even a bit on your hair to prevent sweat from breaking down the perfume faster than usual. Remember that the Term “Natural” is Overrated and Misunderstood

As we come to the end of the tips to wearing perfume like we are supposed to, there is just one final point to be discussed here. Keep in mind that natural is an overrated term when it comes to perfumes. A lot of the so called natural ingredients do not often produce good results, in spite of the common mass believing blindly that everything natural is always flawless. Synthetic ingredients are formulated by mixing natural elements with manmade chemicals and they are tested in labs before actually being sent out to the market.

So, as long as you are buying an authentic product from a renowned manufacturer, do not be put off by the term “synthetic” in the ingredients list.

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