Get Fantabulous Upgrade with Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Most women across the globe are always in the loop for the latest in fashion. With Hollywood’s famous faces, we just can’t get enough of inspirations on new look, clothing trends, makeup vogues and a lot more.

With the numerous details to focus on fashion, one look can never be complete without having that gorgeous looking hair that any woman would feel envious about. Let’s face it! How many times have you prayed for the luscious bouncy hair? Hoping that one morning, you’ll just get up from bed with that flawless #iwokeuplikethislook because your hair is simply erupting in awesomeness? If you ask me, I never missed praying for my dream goddess hair. Luckily, our brilliant technology paved the way for the birth of human hair extensions.

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Human Hair Extensions

Real Human Hair Extensions is one of the most preferred techniques in getting that instant celebrity-inspired hair. Hair thinning due to genes, medical conditions and even excessive use of harmful hair products greatly contribute to this most dreaded issue every woman face. But human hair extensions simply is the best band-aid fix for this type of fashion emergency!


Human Hair Extensions has become the most popular trick in achieving that fashionably fabulous hair. Like famous stars, hair extensions help them achieve the best red carpet look every time. Human Hair Extensions although a bit pricey, delivers best quality hair compared to synthetic type. Using 100% pure human hair makes it realistic and flawlessly blend with the user’s natural hair.

Pure human hair extensions are best known for being satiny, smooth, tangle-free and last longer than faux hair extensions. The hair materials are ethically sourced from reliable donors and go through extensive sorting process before it reaches the actual manufacturing stage to produce amazing hair extensions.


● Naturally shiny and smooth: Properly sourced human hair are characterized by their natural shine and smoothness. Donors really keep their hair healthy in the process of growing it and allow manufacturers to ethically source those hairs.
● Tangle-free: Because they are ethically and properly sourced, the cuticles of human hair extensions run in one direction keeping it free from tangles and matting.
● Long lasting: Real human hair lasts longer than faux or fake hair extensions.
● Flawlessly bend with natural hair: Because they are human hair, they easily blend with the user’s natural hair, especially when hair extension colour perfectly matches the client’s real hair.
● Achieve natural-looking length and volume: Aside from blending perfectly with the user’s natural hair, it helps add instant length and luscious volume to the client’s natural hair without making anyone notice that they are wearing hair extensions.
● Can be cut and styled the way you want it: If you feel creative, human hair extensions can be cut and styled based on your preference. You can curl it, straighten it and just be on the trend.

● Costs more than synthetic type: Human hair extensions are relatively priced higher than of synthetic ones as they are not easy to source and are relatively costly when being sold to manufacturers.
● Require professional help on installation: Depending on the hair extension technique, installation may require professional help to ensure that the extensions sits properly on the client’s hair. Examples of which, but not limited to are tape in extensions, sewn-in and itips.

Human Hair Extensions


Although there are countless ways of tips and tricks out there on how to care for human hair extensions, we swear by these general care tips when owning human hair extensions and get the most out of it.

1. Wash your hair properly. You’ve got to care for your hair extensions just like as if it’s your own hair. However, unlike natural hair, human hair extensions can only be washed 1-2 times per week. This will help ensure that the natural shine of the extensions will not easily wear off. When hair extensions get soaked on salt water or pool water, make sure to rinse it as soon as you get-off from the pool as salt and chlorine are considered to be dehydrators. These dehydrators can easily dry your hair and damage may not be easily reversed.

2. Use sulfate-free shampoo. Keep your human hair extensions healthy by using sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates can easily dry out your hair extensions and strip them off of their colours. Since hair extensions are not attached directly to your scalp, they do not get the natural moisture or oil to keep your hair silky smooth and is unable to repair itself. Sulfate-free shampoo should be your number 1 best friend when caring for your hair extensions.

3. Use appropriate brushes/combs. Brushing hair will not only keep your hair tangle-free, but it will also help distribute the essential oils evenly among hair strands. There specially made hair extensions brushes whose bristles are gentle for maintaining tangle-free hair extensions.

4. Drying and Styling your hair extensions. Although blow drying can help us save time when drying your hair, we recommend air-drying it or letting it dry on its own. Excessive use of heat can also help shorten the lifespan of your hair extension and may cause potential dryness and breakage. When styling using hair irons, make sure to always use heat protectors before applying any forms of heat against the hair.

5. Don’t miss that appointment. Depending on hair extensions technique, never miss your hairdresser appointment. Some extensions need a periodic visit to the salon. Example of which are tape hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions requires re-taping after 6-8 weeks. The tapes tend to move farther from the roots as the hair grows. Also, it is best to get your hairdresser to assess your hair’s condition to help you maintain that healthy hair anytime!

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