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How Lighting Can Can Change Your Home’s Interior

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No matter how hard we work on decorating our home, forgetting how important lighting is can be the biggest mistake we can make. It is no easy task, lamps, chandeliers, dimmers – there’s a lot to take in consideration when you think of beautifully lighting your space. With lighting as one of the most important decor elements in your home, and so many options at hand how do you get it right? [Image above ©]

No doubt at some point it can feel pretty overwhelming, however we at DESIGN SCENE are here to compile a list of tips helping you work through any lighting issues.


There are a few elements when starting from scratch – firstly you need to think about the lighting you are to hardwire. No need to explain but changing up the hardwired lighging in your house is no task you want to take after you moved in or finalised the renovation of your home. Thus it is pivotal to be certain you have enough lighting in your home since it’s very hard to add in more later.

The lighting itself depends on the function of a room, for example the room you spend the most time in – your living room needs to have multiple points of light. Therefore you are able to change the intensity, dim at need and thus compliment the furniture and interior design in your home. When it comes to rooms such as bedroom the set up is pretty easy, while overhead is more often functional, you are no doubt to focus on two lights taking your bedside table area – easily turned off on both sides.

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Once again this is where the function of the room plays the lead role. A chandelier can easily become a true center piece of your room – however as an overhead light it does have it’s pros and cons. If bright light doesn’t work with your room setting, make sure to look for the right chandelier bulb, or perhaps look for a shade option on your chandelier. The already mentioned light bulb is today a true decor statement. When it comes to design trends more popular than ever are the Sputnik Chandeliers. The Sputnik design not only makes a true eye-catching statement for your room, but also provides a great source of light. Choosing the right light bulb for it is no doubt important. Thankfully multiple stores do have great LED versions of the now very stylish Edison bulbs, which are both functional and decorative. A well chosen LED Edison bulb will also protect your electricity bill, and good news they come in all shapes and sizes.

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As you know we at DESIGN SCENE magazine are in the fashion business as well, and nothing is more important than the right light to get a good photo. Same goes to getting a beautiful room, but also great light can make you yourself look better. A well positioned shading material on a lamp, whether it’s paper or colourful silk can make you look a decade or two younger. Good light is the cheapest face lift you can find! Unfortunately, one thing is proven, harsh overhead light won’t make you look any younger, in fact quite the opposite. Therefore be wise and choose your lights carefully!



With LED light bulbs taking the stage the way light is introduced into our homes has changed in the past two years more than in previous four decades. Nevertheless, well designed chandeliers made a massive comeback this year, and judging by Milan Design Week and other furniture events the trend is to continue into the next year. When it comes to finding a new chandelier, you need to know you are talking about a true focal point of the room. A chandelier whether it’s the above mention Sputnik Chandeliers, or perhaps a shaded version is no doubt a worthy investment piece. However design oriented stores such as IKEA have truly affordable pieces on their shelves. The Krusning paper chandelier at IKEA is a great example of beautiful yet incredibly affordable design. This affordable piece is available in two sizes it’s easy to assemble and customize. It wonderfully works in various room, from dinning room to living room, and with’s reminiscence of a cloud it’s a dreamy solution for your bedroom as well. Another fun design at IKEA is the award winning PS2014 design, which even won the prestigious RED DOT design award. Image above ©IKEA

Whether you are staying on a budget or you can allow yourself to invest in a chandelier, make sure you choose something your guests are to talk about!

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