The Advantages Of Owning Your Own Garden Guest-Room

Inviting friends or family over to stay in your house can be frustrating, especially if they plan to stay for longer than you expected. Even when the guests happen to be close friends or family, having people constantly bump into one another and living in each other’s spaces can become tiresome.

But what if you could own a private and practical guest-room dedicated to your guests? Sounds ideal! Here at Bridge Timber our company specializes in creating bespoke and customized garden rooms, and we believe garden guest rooms are a great solution for sociable and busy households.

Cozy And Comfy

With our complete planning, the design followed by the installation process, we will work alongside you to create and build a garden room of the highest quality.

Once the garden room is installed, it’s now your turn to convert this useful space into a room where visitors or guests can stay for a weekend or longer. Aim to create comfortable and relaxing surroundings for your guests, to achieve a safe space that they can re energize for weekends filled with fun festivities.

It is easy to add a few comfy surroundings so that your guests feel welcomed and safe in their own dedicated space. 


In some cases, many people like some time to themselves to reflect and relax during a hectic weekend. The garden guest-room offers your guests with all the space they need to unwind. This type of space offers the guest with a feeling of having their own hotel-room, which is separated from your house, but still close enough to feel a part of the festivities.

Many guests do not enjoy the feeling that they are getting in the way of people that live in your home or that they are an inconvenience. Having a private room of their own offers privacy and a bit of independence.

Extra Cash In Your Pocket

You can use your garden guest-room to generate a bit of extra cash. For example, you could list the guest-room on a site like AirBnB or something similar which would advertise the space to tourists or visitors that are coming to your area.

This is the perfect solutions for guests that hate to intrude and would prefer a room that is away from the main house. They are also offered with the opportunity to come or go when they like, offering a feeling of independence and privacy all at once.

You could also recoup the costs of a garden-room investment if you choose to rent the room out, with an opportunity to meet different people at the same time.

A Safe Haven

Life is always filled with unexpected surprises and nothing in life will always go as planned. If one of your family members or friends is going through a difficult time and they need accommodation for a few weeks or months, then your garden guest-room is the ideal option.

Having a suggestion that is practical to offer a person when they need it the most or they just need to get away for a while is the perfect solution. The garden room offers a safe haven and instead of worrying that your friend or relative will be alright, you have the opportunity to offer a welcoming life-line, with a comfy room with a fantastic view.

Images from King Bill by Austin Maynard Architects – See the Full Story Here


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