ARCHITECTURE: Combining Style With Need Can Create Something Amazing

One can’t always expect the world at large to understand the importance of style. Even someone stuck in circumstances where their environment lacks style will often still yearn for it. Others might have the luck of being in a stylish environment but might not have the eyes to see just how wonderful it actually is.

Those who have an eye for style can feel trapped when stuck in a stylish environment. And likewise, they’ll often feel that they’re somehow trapped within that situation. And this often feels even more true as time goes by. For example, someone just starting a family might feel that their choices are limited. They don’t feel like they have much chance for stylish expression thanks to where they need to live. On top of that, they’re stuck with necessities like fences and the like.

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Taking a look at the options

There are some ways around this common problem. One of the easiest is to simply find a way to put in a fence that actually enhances aesthetics. Among the larger issues people face is a basic preconception around the idea of functionality over form. The fact of the matter is that a fence tends to have fairly consistent functionality.

The overall function of a fence should stay generally consistent over the options. But even with that said, people do tend to put an emphasis on function over form. But that’s not the case for everyone. And in fact, that doesn’t always make sense when one considers just how little difference in functionality there really is.

This is why someone looking through the options might come to widely divergent conclusions. People coming in without much desire for a high-quality aesthetic may not have a huge amount of concern over available options. And they might be rather overwhelmed at first.

But people who come in with the idea of style as their priority will quickly become reassured as they look over the possibilities. And one of the big surprises that they’ll often have is in regards to functionality. Again, people often come in with the assumption that they’re making a decision between style and general utility.

But it’s usually not anything of the sort. Instead, it’s closer to a real balance between the two. This is similar to how lighting has changed with the addition of LED lights. The more stylish options are often among the better, in terms of overall functionality.

Style and the art of complementary design

One of the best things about going with a stylish solution is the ways in which it can blend into the environment as a whole. People often think of style as an enforcement of will on the environment. But quite often this has the exact opposite effect. Doing so actually removes something from the proper balance of style.

Today’s fences can offer something much greater. They’re able to give people a chance to actually integrate a beautiful look into the environment as a whole. For example, consider a situation where one has some beautiful trees lining their yard. They’d be able to find a complimentary wood to match that overall look and feel. Or there might even be a pond or river nearby. The fence can easily be designed to work with that general atmosphere to create something really amazing.

Working with the neighborhood

One can also reap some additional benefits by creating something that has aesthetic appeal. Most people are aware of the standard sitcom of argumentative neighbors. The real world version of this tends to be a bit more quiet and passive-aggressive. But be assured that they’re usually just as concerned over a fence that’s also an eyesore.

In fact, an ugly fence can even predispose neighbors to an ugly attitude. Nobody’s friendly when a neighbor’s choice forces them to confront something ugly every day. But at the same time, creating a great aesthetic can produce great outpourings of positive emotion. This can create a neighborly atmosphere which actually creates new friends and new bonds of understanding. But either way, whether one does it for oneself or the community, it’s important to work on a stylish home.

Images – Yejin’s Jip-Soori by Moohoi Architecture Studio


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