Massage Chairs Explained | Active Furniture That Disconnects One From a Busy Lifestyle

Overdue projects, missed phone calls, unpaid bills, your kid’s tantrums…

Life throws enough problems your way as it is, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like to add a backache and visits to the chiropractor to that list.

Neither would we, which is why we think massage chairs are excellent for getting a bit of precious relief from your hectic lifestyle.

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They’re comfortable, come with a ton of features, fix many posture-related problems and are the perfect way to relax.

Why go to Bangkok for the perfect massage when the perfect massage comes to your home?

However, massage chairs can be very complex items (all that money is spent somewhere!) but fear not, this guide will explain everything there is to a massage chair to help you make head and tail out of it.

First, let’s list out some of the benefits of massage chairs:

1. Reduce stress

This one is obvious but needs to be listed out as it is the primary purpose of a massage chair’s existence.

The harmful effects of stress aren’t limited to the mind; it has very tangible effects on your body as well. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, extreme weight changes, and even substance abuse.

By compressing and decompressing your muscles in key areas, these chairs disconnect you from your stressful life, even if for an hour or two and leave you calm and relaxed.

2. Improve posture

Thanks to the reduction of the talented, hardworking, active employee to a sedentary computer-operating robot, poor posture is an all too common sight in people these days.

The body needs to be in motion throughout the day (or for at least some part of the day) but working conditions these days make that nigh impossible. Plus, they leave employees so tired that they aren’t able to muster up enough energy to exercise.

Combining the best of exercise and siesta, massage chairs, along with ridding your muscles of stiffness, improve your posture and body language, making you fitter and more attractive.

3. Boost blood flow

Massage techniques such as kneading, shiatsu, tapping, etc. paired with the vibrators and rollers in massage chairs work wonders for your circulatory system.

Healthy blood flow throughout the body is crucial for maintaining your energy in the short-run and your immunity in the long run.

Massage chairs relax your muscles, which relieves pressure from your nerves and normalizes circulation.

Taking cognizance of this benefit, manufacturers have started incorporating features such as Zero Gravity massage (which keeps your legs at the same height as your heat) and heat emitters.


4. Prevent or fix spinal problems

The obvious result of maintaining poor posture in the absence of a massage chair is various back-related problems, primarily, spinal problems.

Massage chairs can relax and decompress large back muscles which might be spasming due to the pressure placed on them. They can also increase blood flow to the area (as discussed above) for faster healing.

Also, massage chairs can open up blocked “pathways” in the muscles, which might bring some relief.

This particular benefit is best enjoyed if you have a chair with the aforementioned Zero Gravity feature or a chair which is specially designed for people with spinal problems.

5. Convenience and cost

Perhaps the best benefit of massage chairs over a conventional masseuse, they are very convenient contrivances as you don’t need to make an appointment with them, you can place them anywhere you like, and you can incorporate your massage time into your routine.

Further, while massage chairs are slightly expensive to buy, there are no recurring costs with a massage chair as there with a traditional masseuse, making them cheaper in the long run.

6. Increase flexibility

Massage chairs can help increase your body’s flexibility. The body’s flexibility decreases over time as we age, but poor lifestyle choices can also expedite the process.

Massage chairs turn back the clock of life by squeezing key points in your body which, if not tended to, restrict the range of motion and make your muscles sore.

7. Help you catch some Zs

Massage chairs can improve the quality of your sleep. It follows naturally from their ability to reduce stress because stress is known to worsen the quality as well as the amount of sleep you get.

However, massage chairs help you catch more Zs in other ways as well. Massaging in general leads to an increase in the quantity and intensity of the brain waves which promote good sleep (also known as delta waves). Using your chair right before going to sleep ensures a deep REM sleep. The more you know.

8. Control your blood pressure

High blood pressure is not uncommon in today’s times. Also known as hypertension, if untreated, it can lead to a stroke or a heart attack. Its primary cause is stress, but it can also be the result of underlying conditions and lifestyle choices.

Massaging eliminates the primary cause of hypertension, i.e. stress (as discussed above) and as far as the other causes, massage chairs are very effective at dealing with cardiovascular conditions by improving blood flow (also discussed above).

9. Keeps the blues away

We’ve discussed a lot of problems in this article which impact our mental, physical and emotional health severely. In the face of such problems, it’s easy to become depressed.

Depression is a mental health condition of severe magnitude and is often characterized by an underlying apathy to everything that happens in one’s life.

Since it can wreak havoc with one’s life, it’s essential to get it under control. Fortunately, massage chairs can be helpful in this regard. By alleviating stress and stimulating delta waves in the brain, they make the process of escaping depression easier.


Massage chairs are great pieces of furniture to have in your home. They’re convenient and have a ton of health benefits, not to mention the obvious joy that massaging brings. They’re more of an investment than an expense, and we recommend you buy one if you haven’t already.

Have fun getting massaged!

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