Hottest Men’s Trends: Gilets

It’s easy for a man to throw on some jeans and a tee shirt. The look is masculine, trendy, and ageless. And yet, some men can’t quite pull it off. Why is this?

Because there’s a big difference between throwing something on and intentionally wearing the right combination of clothes. This is where gilets come in.

Gilets are sleeveless, long vests, that complement any tee shirt and jeans look while keeping it comfortable. The great thing about gilets is that you can also wear them formally, and they quite simply add elegance to the look.

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A gilet changes the game entirely, sending that tee-shirt look to the stars, never to return. It’s easy to think that a tee, semi-wrinkled and looking carefree is the look. But honestly? It looks unkempt, uncleansed, and careless.

Instead of this look, it would make a world of difference if men would reach for something comfortable, like a long sleeve tee or button up shirt. Add to this look a gilet for a nice accompaniment, and you’ll be one of the most comfortable but stylish men on the street.

There are fashionable men’s gilets out there, so be sure to pick the right one for you. Something with nice fabric and texture will add even more to the classic and mature (but chic and adventurous) look of a gilet. Keep reading to find out how to select the right gilet for your style and occasion.


If you elect to wear blue denim jeans and the denim is a deep, dark blue, you most certainly have choices. You’ve just given yourself a canvas for color.

First, pick a single-color long sleeve. Then, pick a nice orange coral gilet, or even a lime green one. You’ll look youthful because of the jeans, dapper and dazzling because of the gilet, and daring because of your choice of color. In short, you’ll look well put together and attractive, all in one quick combination of clothes.


Gauge your choice of fabric on the weather. If it’s cooler outside, wear a wool gilet. If you wear a nice button up shirt, the gilet will look stunning with it. Not only that, but you make it casual and elegant at the same time. If you believe the weather will stay temperate, we recommend taking a linen gilet instead.

It’s always good to have clothes of different fabric for when the weather is uncertain. This goes for all clothes, top and bottom.


Now that you look dazzling in your gilet, you’ll need the shoe. And, deciding on the shoe can be difficult. Unless it’s a formal setting, the choices are endless. You can wear a sneaker, a moccasin, or a loafer, to make the list short.

However, before you go nuts with choices, we say: When deciding on the shoe, check for comfort and look. How will you feel in that shoe throughout the event? Does the look fit the rest of the outfit? Does it make you feel like what the rest of the outfit is saying? For example, if you’ve chosen a long sleeve tee with a wool gilet and dark jeans, that says youthful and daring. Is this time for a sneaker or a boot?

You may not go wrong with either choice here; they may both look good. Again, our biggest recommendation is how you feel and how it looks. Are you pleased? If yes, perfect. If not, give it another go. Just be true to your color scheme, and you’ll be great. Put your timepiece on, and out the door you go.

Images by Ashley Jang for MMSCENE


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