How to Pick Out the Perfect Design for Your New Bathroom

The bathroom of any house is a place which does double duty, needing to be both functional enough to cope with a lot of daily traffic, and a space where you can relax in a bath at the end of a stressful day, so when you are refitting yours it’s always worth putting a lot of thought into how it is designed.

You don’t need to be an architect or interior decorator to create a fantastic bathroom, just use this useful guide to help you make great choices.

Step 1 – Work out the ideal layout

You may need an expert to help you with this as the options will be limited by the plumbing outlets, but presuming you have few restrictions there are three basic layouts to consider: placing the tub/shower, toilet, and sink along one, two, or three walls. The more walls you use the more flexible things are, but ultimately it’s about making the best use of the space.

Step 2 – Choose the right sink

Vanities always look good and offer built-in storage, while stand alone sinks are best for smaller, or awkwardly shaped rooms. Couples may prefer a double vanity but make sure it doesn’t leave you with so little space to move it’s impractical.

Step 3- Pick out some lighting

Ideally plan wall lighting close to mirrors to provide extra illumination, add a statement ceiling light and perhaps some downlights for those chill out evenings.

Step 4 – Choose a tub

If you have space you could consider a freestanding design, otherwise be open minded about what works best for your bathroom – whether that is a corner bath or a shorter but deeper tub. If you know you will ever use a bathtub don’t be concerned about skipping it and installing a luxury shower-spa option instead.

Step 5 – Flooring is key

Before looking at designs choose the type of flooring you need depending on both taste and circumstances. Tiles are attractive and easy to keep clean, but can also be slippery, while vinyl ‘fake’ tile flooring is water resistant, warmer and safer.


Step 6 – Heat things up

Under-floor heating is a nice touch if it can be added in, and a good sized heated towel rack is essential.

Step 7 – How about colors?

Bright upbeat colors may invigorate you in the mornings but they aren’t exactly relaxing, so it may be wiser to go for something more neutral and express your personality through less fixed décor.

Step 8 – Dress your windows

You should aim to add a soft, gentle look to complement the practical items the bathroom must contain. Keep in mind that window dressings need to provide privacy but also be able to cope with humidity, so look at Roman shades in acrylic fabrics in either block colors or a pattern you think fits the general look of the room.

Step 9 – Space for luxuries?

If you can squeeze in a television, sound system, mini fridge, or whatever else you think of then why not?

Final Words

So there re some things that you should think about before deciding on a new design for your bathroom. Given how expensive they can be, you want to make sure that you decide on something that you’ll be comfortable using everyday. If you don’t it’ll likely get on your nerves and possibly even lead to you getting it redone again.

For those in Scotland, head over to bathroom supply and fit Glasgow for help in choosing the best design for your bathroom.

Images from Avocado Bathroom by Boundary Space – See the full story here, or browse for more interior design ideas.


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