City Centre Apartments – Make the Most of your Space

Living in the centre of any city is a fun and exciting experience. The nightlife, the places to eat, the culture, and all the exciting people you get to meet along the way. In fact, in 2018 it was reported that the UK population had rapidly returned to city centre living, following years of decline.

But, one thing that can be slightly irksome about city centre living is your actual home. While it’s your sanctuary where you can block out the hustle and bustle of the city, space can be somewhat, desirable, at times. But, despite many city centre apartments being on the smaller side, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of this space, while also retaining simple style at all times.

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A mirror will always be a stylish addition to your apartment. When you place full-length mirrors in bedrooms, living rooms or hallways, not only do they give you a great place to take a photo, but they also add depth to your room. They do this by creating the illusion of more space, while also reflecting both natural and artificial light off them, which in turn helps to make the room look bigger and brighter.

High Ceilings

The chances that your home will have high-ceilings in a city centre apartment is, well, pretty high. This is due to many, which aren’t new builds, being made out of old factories or similar style buildings. This can sometimes bring great features like an exposed brick wall. However, these can come with great advantages, because what you lack in width, you make up for in height. This will allow you to add additional storage upwards, such as shelves or even rails, to help store clothing and all those bits and bobs that won’t fit under the bed.

Smart Furniture

Now, here’s where you can get savvy with the items you buy. Rather than going for huge, bulky pieces, why not opt for items that can change size? In many shops, you’ll find furniture perfectly designed for such apartments, with benches and tables made to extend when needed. This means you can keep them in the apartment in their smaller stature, and extend them when needed. Meaning your space can adapt to what’s needed at the time.


Finally, if you have open plan living spaces, make sure you zone them. This will instantly provide a more homely feel, as you separate the living room, kitchen and dining room. Items such as bookshelves are a great way to help break up larger rooms and also provide ample storage solutions too. While the apartment will still be the same size, it’ll feel like you have specific sections for specific things, giving you a more organised feeling.

Images by Ryan Garvin – Loft-Style Condo in Denver by Robeson Design

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